Frequently Asked Questions for CJA Panel Attorneys

  1. Will our checks be electronically transmitted?

    At this time, checks are still sent from Washington, D.C., via postal mail. We have heard that this will occur in time, when, we don’t know.

  2. Will you continue to make a phone call for a CJA appointment request?

    Yes. You will receive a phone call and a follow-up email.

  3. Will eVoucher work on Google or firefox applications?

    It does not appear eVoucher is supported by these applications. Perform a compatibility check or contact our office for assistance in performing a compatibility check.

  4. I was appointed during a time when the rate was $110.00 and when I finished the rate was $129.00 and the mileage has changed. Do I still have to calculate all of these different rates?

    No, the system will make the appropriate calculations, however it is governed by the data that you enter. Verify in the claim status, the date range of the appointment and also if using the date calendar, remember to select the correct year.

  5. While billing, I entered a wrong amount, or selected an incorrect service in eVoucher, now what?

    You can fix anything that you entered in error before you select submit.

  6. I submitted my voucher and have now discovered an error on my voucher, now what?

    Contact the Panel Administrator. At this point, the panel administrator will have to select reject and return the voucher to you for corrections.

  7. I see a link to CM-ECF in eVoucher. Does this work?

    Yes. You will need to validate your cm-ecf login and password information.  When you receive a proposal email you will be able to access the docket sheet to view party names (this will help with conflict checking).

    If you accept you can view cm-ecf from e-voucher, however you cannot file something using e-voucher, you will have to file cm-ecf documents in the same manner that you always have.

  8. How does the Court know I am appointed?

    An order will issue. Additionally, you will be required to prepare and file an entry of appearance through CM-ECF once the appointment order has been docketed (you may reasonably bill for the preparation and filing of the entry). This will add your name to the docket sheet.

  9. How do I enter time and expenses in eVoucher?
    1. Log on here – this will take you to the eVoucher login page. Enter your login information.
    2. Go to your Appointments List window on the bottom left side.
    3. Click on the case number for the case you want to enter billing. Click CJA20...Create on the left side of your screen.
    4. First, go to the Claim Status tab within your active voucher to set the date range of services provided. You must manually enter the date range for the time period you are claiming.
    5. Go to the Services tab.
    6. Enter all fields that have a red asterisk, then click Add.  To change or delete an entry, highlight the entry and it will repopulate in the above fields. Either make the change and click Add or click Delete.  You might see an error flag at the top of the screen regarding your dates. You can ignore this flag until you are ready to submit your voucher to the court.
    7. The Expenses tab works just like the Services tab. If your expense exceeds $50, scan to pdf and add the attachment (invoice, receipt etc.) to justify your expense request.
    8. Click SAVE at the bottom of the screen periodically. There is no auto-save on this program.
    9. Unless you are ready to submit your voucher, you can click Home on the menu bar at the top of the page to return to your home screen, or logout if you are finished.  Please note, from this point on you should access this voucher in your Active Vouchers window on your homepage. You only select CJA 20...Create the first time or if you are submitting additional vouchers (i.e. in the case of interim and supplemental vouchers).
  10. How do I submit a voucher?
    1. If you are ready to submit your voucher, review the date range you have entered on the Claim Status tab within your active voucher. You must "manually" enter the date range for the time period you are claiming. This date range will also remove any previous error flags. These dates should include the first and last date for a service and/or expense. Typically, the beginning date would be the date that you accepted the appointment. Click SAVE
    2. Answer the questions regarding receiving any previous payment related to this claim.
    3. Carefully review your completed CJA 20 request form. If you find an error(s) on either the services or the expenses tab, you can correct the form.
    4. Go to the Confirmation tab. Review your submission one last time. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the "I swear and affirm..." box, then click submit. You should receive a message reading "Success". If you do not receive this message, you have an error to correct. Check your dates first. It is usually the most common error.
    5. Once you click submit and receive the “Success” screen, your voucher will be sent to Misty Mosley, CJA Panel Administrator. If you find an error, you can no longer edit and correct your voucher. You will have to call the CJA Panel Administrator and request the voucher be rejected and returned to you. Carefully review the contents before you select submit.
    6. Never arrow back out of a voucher. Always click SAVE and then click Home.  This returns you to your home screen. You can arrow a screen back; however, if you continue to arrow back you will eventually get to an error screen.
  11. What if I exceed the statutory case maximum?

    When your voucher exceeds the statutory case maximum, please attach the CJA 26 Claim for Excess Form. To complete this form, access your Appointments List on your home page.   The CJA 26 form is located on the left side of your screen. Click the hyperlink and follow the prompts to complete the form. To support your request, you may attach PDF document. Click Submit.

  12. What is the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel?

    The Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel is a group of qualified attorneys, pre-selected by the court, who are eligible to be appointed to represent criminal defendants who cannot afford an attorney. The court makes the appointments on a rotating basis among the panel members. CJA Panel attorneys are compensated for their work by submitting expense vouchers, approved by the court. Only attorneys in good standing and admitted to the district court's bar may apply to be part of the Panel.

  13. How do I become a member of the CJA Panel?

    If you are a qualified attorney in good standing and admitted to the district court’s bar complete the Application.

  14. Can I print my voucher(s)?

    Yes. From your homepage, open the appointment in your Active Vouchers or Appointment List. Go to the Basic Info tab. On the left side of the screen, you will see Reports. Click the hyperlink for the appropriate voucher (CJA 20, CJA 21, CJA 26, etc.) and the voucher will print in full detail with all the entries submitted.

  15. I couldn’t login and/or received a message to change my password. I attempted to change my password. Now I can’t login. What do I do?

    The system only allows (3) logins before you are locked out of the system. Call the Panel Administrator for assistance.