The Federal Defender’s Office places a high priority on protecting the health and safety of clients and staff during the covid-19 pandemic. Our offices are following all guidelines recommended by the CDC. As we work through this pandemic, FPD will meet with clients by appointment only. FPD will not meet at the office with walk-ins. Client family members are not permitted to enter into the building for any reason. Everyone who enters the building must wear a mask at all times regardless of vaccination status.

Do not come to the office if you or anyone in your home is ill or you have been exposed to anyone who is ill. If you are ill or anyone in your family is ill, contact your attorney before reporting to court. The courthouse is currently open for some in-person proceedings but persons who are ill or believe they have been exposed to covid-19 will not be permitted to enter. Your attorney will make arrangements with the court concerning what to do with your court appearance in the event you have covid-19 or have been exposed to covid-19. Both courthouses are currently conducting in-person jury trials. Initial appearances, evidentiary hearings, pleas and sentencings may be conducted in-person or via video as directed by the individual judge. Contact your attorney directly regarding how to attend your individual court appearance. Clients must attend all scheduled court appearances as directed by the court or risk a possible violation of their bond.

Eleventh Amended Administrative Order

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Office of the Public Defender - Southern District of Illinois

Our Mission: The Federal Public Defender’s Office strives to provide effective representation as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, to ensure the rights of the individual regardless of the ability to retain counsel, and to assist others in this mission. The Office also seeks to provide educational and training opportunities to attorneys appointed pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act to assist them in meeting these same goals.

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