Clothing and Other Assistance

Cairo Salvation Army Service Extension Unit
Phone: (618) 734-2665

Provides many social services - including utility bill help, Christmas assistance, clothing, thrift stores, housing/rent help, and food assistance

Catholic Urban Program - Holy Angels Shelter
Phone: (618) 874-4079
  • Located in East St. Louis
  • Temporary financial assistance with mortgage payments for qualified persons
Community Health & Emergency Services, Inc. (CHESI)
  • 13245 Kessler Road, Cairo, IL 62914 - (618) 734-4400
  • 100 Market Street, Golconda, IL 62938 - (618) 683-3781
  • 1250 Cedar Court, Carbondale, IL - (618) 457-7821
  • Assistance to low income people of all ages including illness diagnosis, annual physical exams, screenings, treatment, follow-up care, and laboratory work
Daystar Community Program
Phone: (618) 734-0178
Location: 909 Washington Avenue, Cairo, IL 62914
  • Has limited funding to pay for prescriptions, utilities, rent, security deposits, and shelter expenses
  • Also runs a food pantry, USDA Commodities; may have canned food, frozen sandwiches, and groceries
  • Operates Madeline’s Mart thrift store - which can provide winter clothing, school supplies, and household goods
First Baptist Church of Anna and Union County
Phone: (618) 833-5416
  • May help pay for food, heating bills, rent, and other basic needs from its Benevolence Fund
  • Partners with Haven House to coordinate resources
Hardin County Dental Clinic
Phone: (618) 285-3930
  • Free and low-cost general and preventive dental care
Heat-Up St. Louis, Inc. / Cool Down St. Louis
Phone: (314) 241-7668
  • Provides assistance with utility bills for qualified persons
Housing Authority of Union County
Phone: (618) 833-5129
Illinois Cares Rx Basic and Plus
Phone: (800) 226-0768
  • State-sponsored prescription plan that helps pay for medicine and drugs that Medicare Part D does not pay for.
Illinois Child Care Assistance Program
Phone: (800) 548-5563
  • Child care resource and referral.
  • Can provide financial assistance to working families to help them pay for day care / child care while they are working or in school.
Individual Development Accounts
  • Community action agency facilitated matched savings program to help eligible low-income persons save funds to start a small business, pay for college or vocational education.
Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance
Phone: (800) 642-5335
  • Help for eligible persons throughout Illinois with civil legal matters such as Social Security Disability (SSD) claims, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), food stamps, Medicaid, eviction, foreclosure, utility shut-offs, etc.
Rental Housing Support Program
Phone: (312) 386-1009
Rural Health, Inc.
Phone: (618) 833-4471
Location: 515 N. Main St., Anna, IL
  • Access to full array of primary care services for low income and uninsured persons:
  • Immunizations, health maintenance, inpatient care, chronic disease management, mental health services, infant/child development screening, school/sports physicals, smoking cessation, pregnancy testing, childbirth classes, health education, weight management and counseling.
Shawnee Development Council
Phone: (618) 634-2201
Location: 550 West Washington, Karnak, IL 62956-0298
  • Region-wide community action agency
  • Modest college scholarships
  • Coordination of food pantries/soup kitchens throughout the region (partners w/churches & other local charities)
  • Help w/rent, shelter, food, medical, clothing, and fuel during winter months for qualified persons
  • Holiday assistance, including Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets
  • Prescription assistance and vouchers/referrals
  • Housing programs, in partnership with Illinois Dept. of Human Services and United Way – rent assistance and homelessness prevention (including utility payment assistance) for eligible persons
  • Administers the Workforce Investment Act - can help residents obtain employment, sign up for job training, literacy, and vocational rehabilitation programs; self-improvement and family stability programs
  • Can help unemployed youth and senior citizens
  • May have funds for uniforms, tools, child care, and travel reimbursement
Southern Seven Health Department
Phone: (618) 658-5011
Location: 515½ East Vine, Vienna, IL 62955
  • Based in Johnson County but serves the region
  • Aid for parents 19 years old or younger needing to get their GED
  • Can provide Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), KidCare, and more
  • May also pay for school supplies and transportation
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Phone: (800) 843-6154
  • Helps both families and pregnant women with dependent children - provides them with temporary cash and other benefits - can help pay for shelter, rent, food, utilities, heating bills, and other non-medical expenses.